About Us

This is what we do.

Although there are numerous companies worldwide that service customers with their IT Asset disposal, and or the recycling of those Assets, there is nonetheless not any companies whose sole purpose is to represent the interest of the customers.

The creation of Fine/Rahilly Consulting germinated from this idea; and it is our mission.

FR Consulting utilizes 62 years of experience in the refurbishment, reselling, and recycling of electronic assets. We will go into a company and do a complete analysis of its program, or conversely the lack of any ITAD/Recycle program.

All factors for a successful program will be looked at, to include:

  • The type of equipment the company has
  • Its current agreements with its vendors for the purchase and leasing of that equipment with respect to any reverse logistics or buyback recycle programs
  • To suggest and secure agreements with vendors that have all the necessary capability to do "live take outs" if needed
  • Logistics
  • Geographical infrastructure
  • Proper environmental certifications
  • Proper safety programs
  • Understanding the data destruction capabilities of the vendor and how those capabilities meet, or may not meet the data destruction criteria of the company
  • Further to understand the nature of the revenue-sharing agreement; to negotiate the best possible agreement on behalf of FR's Consulting client for not only the highest Rev/Share ratio; but more over to ascertain the top line revenue streams. To further understand that those revenues are commensurate with current market levels both for reusable and for recyclable commodities
  • To analyze the cost associated with the formula provided by any potential vendors, and negotiate the best possible direct cost structure with no additional SGA add ons.

FR Consulting will conduct trials with the vendor, or various vendors, as the case may be, to ensure that regardless of the mechanics that are promised through an Agreement, that those mechanics are actually adhered to before the furtherance of any continuation is consummated.

The consulting contract between FR Consulting and it's client has a very minimal retainer and otherwise the bulk of FR's consulting compensation is to be made by a sharing of the revenue that FR is able to return to the client, so that FR is highly incentivized to deliver the best possible results to its client.