Rick Fine


Rick Fine is a 32 year recycling entrepreneur veteran. He has built, owned, and operated plants and companies in California, Utah, Washington State, and built owned and operated his own smelter in Alabama.

As a result of this substantial career he has been engaged in buying all of the feedstock, and selling the entire product for the various plants. Further he has had to deal with complex environmental and permitting issues.

In the history of the various companies he has had to work with numerous environmental and government agencies i.e. OSHA, APCD, the Water Board of Los Angeles, the Atomic Energy Commission, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, DRMS, DLA, and OSD at the Pentagon.

His company Resource Recycling was awarded the largest contract to date for recycling with the Department of Defense for all of the aircraft and associated parts at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

He co-authored the ”white paper” on ship dismantling with Adm. Harry Fiske for the Department of the Navy.

Rick is extremely adept at the mechanics of transactional agreements; he has learned empirically by the many agreements that his companies have been engaged in to clearly focus on the key important responsibilities and compensations that are inherent in any good Agreement.

Rick actually abhors wasting time or money; and as it is his entrepreneurial personality he energetically pursues the making of deals on his behalf or as a consultant on behalf of others.