Chris Rahilly


Chris Rahilly is a 30 year veteran in the electronic asset recovery and recycling field. He is an expert in assessing values in IT equipment; standard office equipment, telecommunications, and medical and testing equipment.

He is so well-versed in analyzing values of electronic equipment that based on make and model, configuration and serial numbers he is able to comb through complex, detailed and large listings looking for the pieces that are of the most value and also almost immediately be able to recognize what listings are going to be recycled.

Chris owns and operates his own R-2 compliant plant in Seabrook New Hampshire. At his plant his priority is to find assets with the highest intrinsic value, and other assets that can be repaired and refurbished to be sold into secondary and tertiary markets.

If there is no fundamental or inherent reusable value, ( using all proper downstream's and environmental compliance) he will recycle the assets for their commodity value.

As a result of this work since many of the devices have integrated circuit boards he is an authority on evaluating boards for the precious metal content; and further he is as is called in scrap metal recycling,” a master blender”. This means that he is able to blend boards of various different commodity values to achieve a known blended value, so that the sale of the boards to the refiner is a predicted result.

Chris has been trading equipment for his entire career in the industry, and has maintained a sterling reputation for honest dealings by all of the veteran traders in the business. As he holds himself to a high-level of integrity he expects the same from his network of traders and partners.